Aerospace industry


Well-known manufacturers from the European aerospace industry have entrusted AWI Eberlein GmbH with the task of providing a basic full service supply of consumables for over 30 years. The aerospace industry has always been distinguished by the strict requirements in the area of process quality. Ultimately, these high standards ensure that a plane is still one of the safest forms of transport.

An international focus

Another challenge that the aerospace industry presents us with is international sourcing. Many products in the consumables sector were specifically developed for the two major aerospace manufacturers. The developers of course paid little attention to the customers’ locations, but tried to create ideal production conditions with an adequate choice of locations. We are therefore confronted today with consumables that have to be procured globally. The choice of the customer’s location involves another international component. For example, AIRBUS has countless locations all over the world in addition to the approx. 30 locations in Germany that also prompts the strategic suppliers to have an international focus. We therefore develop together with our customers and meet the resulting challenges with innovative ideas and an open-minded willingness to face the problems that arise as a result of these expansions in a solutions-orientated manner.

Product diversity and delivery reliability

In addition, the aerospace industry calls for a high degree of delivery reliability. The manufacturers are dependent on receiving materials on the agreed delivery date at all times, otherwise huge delays may occur. These delay-related costs add up quickly and become significant costs. It is our task to avoid these costs, which is why we are always careful to supply the C-parts for the production reliably and without delays. Since full service provider concepts are generally called for when supplying aerospace customers, we are continuously working with them to expand our product portfolio. Our ultimate goal is not to turn down any customer request. Our customers therefore have the advantage that they do not have to run time-consuming supplier searches and consequently invest a lot of time and money.

Selected reference projects

We have been supplying a comprehensive product portfolio to the German AIRBUS Helicopter headquarters since the beginning of 2016 thanks to the successful implementation of an e-procurement based full service provider concept. The aim is to further improve the service and it has also been our intention from the start of the project to further optimise the supply chain.

Premium Aerotec

We are responsible for the implementation and management of an e-procurement based full service concept in the four main German plants. We are very proud of the fact that we are able to work together with our traditional customers. We look forward to continuing to grow with our customers and to adapt our service to new challenges to optimally support the procurement processes.