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Aerospace industry

For over 30 years, AWI Eberlein GmbH has been trusted by leading manufacturers in the European aerospace industry to provide a comprehensive basic supply of auxiliary and operating materials. The aerospace industry has always been characterised by high demands on process quality. Not least, these high standards ensure that the aeroplane is still the safest means of transport.

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Auxiliary and operating materials in the aerospace industry

International focus

Another challenge we face in the aerospace industry is international sourcing. Many products, including auxiliary and operating materials, have been developed specifically for the two major aerospace manufacturers. Naturally, the developers took little account of the customer’s location, but tried to create ideal production conditions by choosing the most suitable location. As a result, we are now confronted with auxiliary and operating materials that have to be sourced globally. The customer’s choice of location is an additional international component. In addition to the 30 or so sites in Germany, AIRBUS has numerous sites around the world, which means that strategic suppliers also have to be internationally oriented. We are therefore constantly evolving along with our customers, meeting the resulting challenges with innovative ideas and an open-minded willingness to tackle the problems arising from such expansion in a solution-oriented manner.

Product diversity and delivery reliability

The aerospace industry also demands a high degree of delivery reliability. Manufacturers rely on receiving materials on the agreed delivery date, otherwise there can be huge delays. The cost of these delays can quickly add up. It is our job to avoid these costs, so we always strive to supply production with C-items smoothly and without delay. Because supplying aerospace customers generally requires a comprehensive supply approach, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio as we work together. Our primary objective is to meet every customer requirement. As a result, our customers benefit from not having to carry out time-consuming supplier searches and thus save time and money.

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AWI reference projects in the aerospace industry

We have completed numerous projects supplying auxiliary and operating materials to companies in the aerospace industry and continue to work with well-known companies in this sector.

Thanks to the successful implementation of an e-procurement-supported full-service concept, we have been supplying the German headquarters of AIRBUS Helicopters with a comprehensive product portfolio since the beginning of 2016. The aim is to extend this service even further, so we will continue to optimise the supply chain even after the project has started.

In the four main German plants, we are responsible for implementing and maintaining an e-procurement-supported full-service provider concept. We are very proud to be working with our long-standing customer. We look forward to continuing to grow with them and to adapting our services to new challenges in order to best support their procurement processes.


AWI Eberlein GmbH

AWI Eberlein GmbH is a service provider in the field of C-parts management. We specialise in the systematic procurement of auxiliary and operating materials and their delivery as part of customised supply concepts. We support medium to large industrial companies throughout Europe in optimising their procurement management. Delivery reliability, responsiveness and a solution-oriented approach are demonstrated on a daily basis in numerous projects.

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