As a reliable partner of European industry, AWI Eberlein GmbH has become a full service provider in the consumables sector. We set ourselves the goal of covering all of our customers’ requirements when developing the C-parts portfolio needed by the customers. We do not want to restrict ourselves to individual manufacturers, but rather respond to the requirements of our customers in their individuality and entirety. This guarantees maximum flexibility. Finally, we recognised that it is important to customers not just to influence existing processes and work sequences with new consumables, but to offer the identical products at a competitive price.

Through our business relationships in all major industrial sectors (aerospace, automotive, paper and plastics etc.) we have managed to create an industry-independent product portfolio that actually enables us to implement our ambitious goal of responding to all enquiries from our customers.

Often we also encounter the situation that our customers are not satisfied with the products that they are currently purchasing. In this case, we offer a complete advisory and research service to identify suitable products. Our field service team and the experts from among our numerous partners support our customers with help and advice and always keep them up-to-date with the latest market developments.

We always strive to maintain a high level of service and enable our customers to optimise their internal supply chain management based on the latest available technology and innovative practices. We pursue a full service approach that should ensure that our customers receive specific and target-orientated support.

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