C-parts management

The C-parts required in an industrial company form a diverse portfolio of small complex parts with even more complex procurement channels. Whether it’s tools, toilet paper, office supplies, hoses, packaging, occupational safety products, paper, seals, screws or cleaning agents: the products are fundamentally different and yet have one key thing in common.


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C-parts-management: Procurement of C-parts

The C-parts dilemma

The contribution of consumables towards direct business success is low. The purchasing volume makes up only a very small part of the total volume. The sourcing, organisation of the reordering and quality control are often unmanageable. C-parts procurement takes the attention away from the real value-adding processes. But at the same time, these underestimated products make an efficient work process possible.

Your C-parts in good hands

AWI Eberlein GmbH specialises in taking this burden off our customers. We are aware of the problems associated with C-parts management in industry. However, we are particularly aware of the high relevance of reliable procurement processes for consumables.

Individual procurement concepts

We know from experience that every company has its own requirements for the procurement of their C-parts. This is why we place great value on individual solutions.

  • We don’t supply a product catalogue, but continuously adapt our range to the requirements of our customers.
  • We do not restrict ourselves to specific systems or electronic data processing, but find a way that is best suited to the infrastructure of our customers.
  • We don’t have a patent solution for transmitting and supplying the requirements, but work together with our customers to develop a system that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the respective work processes.

Your contact

Thomas Dahmen

Project Manager FSP

We can help you to optimise the procurement of your consumables with our collective know-now, a large network of partners and a lot of attention to detail.

Our strengths are our ability to…

Acquire your C-parts systematically.

Identify new procurement channels.

Structure the wealth of your product data.

Establish customised interfaces for the smooth transfer of data.

Define the requirements of the delivery process.

Develop a tailor-made supply concept.

Implement the supply concept successfully and continuously optimise it.

Search for quality and cost-effective alternatives.