Full service concept

AWI Eberlein GmbH is a provider of services related to the systematic supply and delivery of consumables (C-parts) to medium-sized and large companies throughout Europe. We demonstrate our delivery reliability, flexibility, responsiveness and solutions-orientated working methods on a daily basis within the scope of numerous projects in a variety of industries with different requirements with regard to procurement processes or delivery conditions.

All C-parts from a single source

You can get a lot from many companies. You can get everything from our company, and all from a single source. While many C-parts wholesalers have a very extensive, yet limited product portfolio, our range is flexible. We have made it our goal not to turn down any product requests from our customers. We constantly adapt our range to the wishes and requirements of our customers in line with the principle “one face to the customer”.

Systematic procurement optimisation

We actively strive to make our customers’ C-parts procurement process as effective and simple as possible. At the beginning of a joint project we take care of the search for products as well as the clean-up of product data, identify alternative products and exploit the synergies of our large partner network to exert a positive influence on the purchase prices. As soon as the portfolio is defined, it is our task to make the order process through your ERP system as convenient as possible for our customers by providing a proper and secure link of the interfaces.

Tailor-made delivery conditions

Every customer has their own individual requirements for the delivery of their C-parts that are influenced by the industries, location, work processes and many other factors. Taking this into account, the focus is often on very different priorities when making deliveries. We address the diversity of these requirements with a set of flexible delivery conditions. We offer our customers a full range of delivery options from the classic delivery to a central warehouse by a transport company to the delivery of individual parts to the production plant on company vehicles. We are therefore able to create an individual logistics plan for every customer.

Competent expert advice on PPE and clothing

Consumables are complex purchase items that require a high level of product expertise despite their low value in the production process. There is an increased need for advice especially in the case of personal protective equipment because of its enormous relevance for occupational safety in a company. This is why we employ PPE specialists who identify and implement the right safety concepts for our customers. Another sensitive issue within a company is workwear as work clothing concerns each individual employee in a company personally. We have been offering a complete clothing service (advice, fitting, finishing, alterations, laundry service) for the colleagues of our customers for many years.

AWI Eberlein - Full Service Concept

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