The quality of our services stems from the complex interaction of the individual business processes. This complexity must be reviewed and coordinated. We have decided to constantly put our quality standards to the test and are therefore certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standard. We demonstrate in regular audits that we work successfully according to the requirements of this standard and fulfil and exceed the guidelines.

But excellence cannot be defined by standards and tested on the basis of standards. We strive daily to actively and consciously integrate quality management into the everyday working environment and make it truly tangible. The responsibility for the quality of our services rests not only with the quality management officer, but in the hands of each and every individual employee. The management continuously strives to maintain an open and solutions-orientated improvement and feedback culture, an everyday suggestions scheme and the sustainable integration of quality management into every individual department in order to ensure individual responsibility when dealing with quality.

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Thomas Dahmen
Quality Management Officer