Chronicle of the Eberlein Group

AWI Eberlein GmbH together with Friedrich Eberlein GmbH and peel-plate GmbH are members of the Eberlein Group. This goes back to its origins as a brush manufacturing company in 1900. It is now owned by the 4th generation and managed by members of the Eberlein family.

Year Event
 1900 Wilhelm Eberlein establishes a brush manufacturing facility in Langfurth. It produces and sells eber-pinsel brand bristle brushes from this time.
 1913 The founder receives his master craftsman’s certificate as a master brush producer.
 1949 His son, August Wilhelm Eberlein, joins the company and runs it in the form of Wilhelm Eberlein OHG together with the founder.
 1967 Friedrich Eberlein, brother of August Wilhelm, takes over production, while the latter starts to sell the brushes to industrial and craft businesses as an independent company. He adds paint rollers to the product portfolio in addition to brushes and lays the foundation for cooperation with the German aerospace industry.
 1972 August Wilhelm Eberlein transforms his sole proprietorship into the wholesale business Willi Eberlein GmbH. The range includes brushes, paint rollers and painting tools at this time.
 1980 Friedrich Wilhelm, the son of August Wilhelm Eberlein, joins the family company in its third generation.
 1984 Edge bonded adjustment shims for plant construction and maintenance are developed under the responsibility of Friedrich Wilhelm. The peel-plate brand is born.
 1986 Personal protective equipment is added to the product portfolio of Willi Eberlein GmbH.
 1988 Friedrich Wilhelm Eberlein becomes managing partner of Willi Eberlein GmbH.
 1989 peel-plate GmbH, a spin-off company of Willi Eberlein GmbH is established. The new company is responsible for the business with slotted shims, precision shims and laminated shim stock.
 1994 Willi Eberlein GmbH needs additional warehouse and office space. A new company building is built on a 3,000 m² plot at Hauptstraße 39 in Langfurth.

Friedrich Wilhelm Eberlein takes over the brush production from his uncle Friedrich. It is transformed from a sole proprietorship into Friedrich Eberlein GmbH and is responsible from this time for the sales of painting tools and occupational safety products to craft businesses in addition to the production of brushes. Willi Eberlein GmbH focuses on industry and develops into a wholesaler for C-parts through the continuous expansion of the product portfolio.

 2000 The sales territory of Friedrich Eberlein GmbH in the Munich region is secured with the integration of a warehouse building in Dachau.
 2002 An area with production, office and warehouse space is acquired on a 15,000 m² plot at Hauptstraße 48/50 in Langfurth to extend the company premises.
 2006 Willi Eberlein GmbH together with its sister companies receive the first certificate for the successful introduction of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

A photovoltaic system to cover the entire power generation requirements of the company group is installed to generate environmentally friendly electricity.

 2009 Friedrich Eberlein GmbH receives the FSC®-certificate (C031297) and produces brushes whose wooden handles are demonstrably made from raw materials in compliance with the guidelines for responsible forestry management.

A wood-chip heating system is installed to produce environmentally friendly thermal energy that has covered the entire heat requirements of the company group every since.

 2012 David, the son of Friedrich Wilhelm Eberlein, joins the group business in its fourth generation.
 2013 Two new companies are established in Poland to expand production of bristle brushes. Premium Brush Sp. z o o. in Bojanice to produce brush and broom handles and Premium Brush Sp. z o. o. sp. k. in Lutomia to produce bristle brushes and brushes.
 2014 David Eberlein becomes a managing partner of Friedrich Eberlein GmbH in addition to Friedrich Wilhelm. Him and his sister, Anna-Katharina, become shareholders of Willi Eberlein GmbH.
 2015 A second level of management is introduced to plan and implement the generational change in the management.

A development department for product innovations in the area of painting and coating tools established under the responsibility of David Eberlein.

 2017 Having added AWI (Arbeitsschutz, Werkzeuge, Industriebedarf – translated into English as occupational safety, tools, industrial supplies) to the range at Willi Eberlein GmbH over the years, the company changes its name to AWI Eberlein GmbH um.
2018 In May, David Eberlein is registered alongside Friedrich Wilhelm as Managing Director of AWI Eberlein. The warehouse building on Hauptstraße 50 in Langfurth is expanded to include a new warehousing facility. The renovation of the production site in Lutomia is completed. The group of companies has successfully completed a minor change in the merchandise management system towards new software that meets the requirements of digitization.