Product substitution

Consumables are complex purchase items that require a high level of product expertise despite their low value in the production process. We are often required to identify suitable replacement products for companies (product substitution). The entire portfolio is often confusing. The individual items are difficult to identify and qualify. We therefore have a time-consuming process of searching for products and harmonising data at the start of a tender or before we collaborate with a new systems partner.

Portfolio harmonisation

At best, the C-parts required have already been identified and qualified and the order data is available in a structured and consistent format. However, in reality it is often different: the research work cannot be completed in time, production information is missing and the existing data has not been cleaned up. We have experience with the efficient identification and qualification of diverse product catalogues and support our customers in structuring the portfolio and harmonising the data. We create a structure in this initial advisory phase that enables the systematic procurement management of your C-parts.

Competent expert advice for PPE

There is an increased need for advice especially when it comes to personal protective equipment because of its enormous relevance for occupational safety in a company. This is why we employ occupational safety specialists who work together with the safety officer of our customers to determine and implement the appropriate safety concepts.

Identifying suitable substitutes

It is essential to strictly comply with the specifications of the manufacturers and products for certain product groups. This is why we do not restrict ourselves to a finite range of products but are prepared to continuously add new products depending on our customers’ requirements. However, the product specification in other cases allows more leeway when choosing products. Often we are asked to look for suitable alternative products because the user’s quality requirements have increased or a cost reduction is required. We specialise in finding suitable substitutes, namely replacement products that meet the quality and price requirements of our customers.

Our advisory service

  • We procure all the C-products defined by you and identify quality and cost-effective alternatives if desired.

  • We take care of the time-consuming search for products as well as the structuring and clean-up of data for you efficiently and professionally.

  • We create your individual e-catalogue and take care of the interface programming for the smooth integration of your ERP system.

Your contact

Sebastian Frey

Project manager product substitution