Logistics service

Every customer has their own individual requirements for C-parts logistics that are influenced by the industries, location, work processes and many other factors. Taking this into account, the focus is often on very different priorities when making deliveries.

Individual logistics concept

We address the diversity of these requirements with a set of flexible delivery conditions. We offer our customers a full range of delivery options from the classic delivery to a central warehouse by a transport company to the delivery of individual parts to the production plant on company vehicles. We are therefore able to create an individual logistics plan for every customer.


This basic supply mode is handled by a freight forwarding service provider and is made to a central warehouse goods receiving department. The order is made for specified packaging units to stock up a warehouse. This supply mode is an efficient way to supply relatively small ranges and to cover one-off requirements for longer-term storage.

The delivery of goods is made by a transport service provider in the case of demand-led supply. It is made to the customer’s central goods receiving department. In contrast to the standard supply, this form is ordered, packed and delivered based on demand. Long-term intermediate storage of large packaging units can be avoided with this delivery mode.

It is possible to extend the demand-led supply by addressing the goods to different cost centres to facilitate distribution within the plant. The entire delivery is made to a central goods receiving department. The goods are already packed and addressed according to the individual internal delivery locations so that they can be allocated and distributed easily and directly.

This supply mode is characterised by the fact that deliveries are made to a central goods receiving department on AWI company vehicles. The goods are already packed and addressed according to the individual internal delivery locations so that they can be allocated and distributed easily. Deliveries on AWI vehicles allow a high level of flexibility and reliability.

AWI Eberlein takes over the distribution of goods on the plant premises into different decentralised warehouses with this supply mode. The customers benefit from a reduction in internal costs for the allocation and distribution of the goods and can also count on AWI’s reliable delivery service.

The decentralised supply to industrial stations goes one service level further than the decentralised supply to plant warehouses. A further step is taken over by AWI with this mode: our drivers look after the stocking of the production shelves.

The goods are delivered to the appropriate shelves or containers following the electronic or manual triggering of an order for our customers who want to implement a supply based on a Kanban system.

All service modules of the demand-led decentralised supply on the customer’s premises can be integrated to suit the individual requirements with the implementation of the full service concept.

We implement digital supply concepts at the request of our customers that include, for example, the automatic triggering of orders on the shelf or also the automatic posting of the transfer of ownership through the use of scanners.

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In addition to the above-mentioned logistics concepts, there are often additional requirements that are, for example, closely associated with the order triggering concepts in the case of Kanban systems. We are happy to incorporate these special requirements into the design of a new logistics plan to create a service package perfectly tailored to suit individual requirements.