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System supply

As a system supplier, we support you in the systematic optimisation of your C-parts purchasing processes and create demand-driven supply concepts. You decide whether you want to use individual modules from our broad portfolio of services, or whether you want us to manage the entire process. Find out more about our modular system, which covers work packages in the areas of product portfolio, digitalisation and logistics for your C-parts.

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Product portfolio

Product identification

Product data maintenance

Portfolio harmonisation

Product substitution

Product consulting




Vendor Managed Inventory

Smart vending machines



Vending machine replenishment

Kanban delivery

Workstation delivery

Shelf stocking in the plant warehouse

Forwarding agent delivery

Delivery by AWI

Addressing by cost centre

Centralised incoming goods delivery

Decentralised plant warehouse delivery


Managing your C-item portfolio

Maintaining product data is a tedious and time-consuming task. An experienced partner will be able to assist efficiently. At AWI, we take care of your C-item data, from identifying your C-parts to product data maintenance and portfolio harmonisation. Not only can we supply and maintain a catalogue range with all the necessary information, we can also provide you with specialist advice on product areas (e.g. work safety).

The right level of digitalisation for your system supply

Digitalisation of purchasing processes is not only possible, but highly recommended in the context of system supply. It can effectively unlock further savings potential. From e-Kanban and automatic vending machines to fully digital purchase-to-pay, there are a number of options and approaches that can support your purchasing by electronically and, in some cases, automatically handling procurement processes. Tailor-made e-procurement solutions and standardised interfaces (OCI/EDI) provide support for both the electronic transmission of documents and the automation of process steps. This increases the efficiency of your staff, allowing you to free up human resources for more important tasks.


Digitise your procurement process for your C-parts.

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Modern document transmission is based on digital interfaces.

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Smart vending machines

Auxiliary and operating materials at the push of a button – directly on your factory floor.

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The right logistics solution for your C-parts supply

We can independently coordinate the entire logistics of your C-parts. This includes operating directly on your factory premises and supporting you in your logistics processes, from the receipt of goods to the distribution of auxiliary and operating materials, or even taking over the entire process. Our extensive network of suppliers helps us to cover all of our customers’ product requirements and to expand them at short notice if necessary. You will benefit not only from the flexibility within our product portfolio, but also from the appropriate item and delivery terms. Long-standing, reliable partnerships with our high-performance suppliers help us to bundle your C-parts procurement efficiently and to maintain a high level of cost transparency at all stages of the process./p>

Logistics Service

Find out more about our flexible delivery options.

Your benefits

  • Supplier bundling and optimised supplier selection
  • Reduced purchase prices and utilisation of economies of scale
  • High process reliability thanks to a high degree of digitalisation
  • Relief for operational purchasing
  • Increased efficiency in the procurement process
  • Flexible delivery modalities according to customer requirement
  • Savings potential through inventory reduction
  • One single point of contact with extensive consulting expertise

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AWI Eberlein GmbH

AWI Eberlein GmbH is a service provider in the field of C-parts management. We specialise in the systematic procurement of auxiliary and operating materials and their delivery as part of customised supply concepts. We support medium to large industrial companies throughout Europe in optimising their procurement management. Delivery reliability, responsiveness and a solution-oriented approach are demonstrated on a daily basis in numerous projects.

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