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Smart vending machines

Dreaming of a vending machine that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? With our smart vending machines, you get that and much more in less than 2 square metres. Our smart vending machines not only provide your staff with C-parts 24/7, exactly where they are needed, but also give you individual reports by cost centre, cost type, product group and user.
At AWI, we support you throughout the entire process – from commissioning the vending machines and training your staff to automatic replenishment by our staff.

Modern C-parts procurement through vending machines

In modern industrial companies, employees will be able use RFID chips to collect their consumables directly from a vending machine, which will be automatically replenished on demand by a central partner.

What are the requirements for a vending machine?

All you need is 2 square metres of space, a power supply and an internet connection.
Based on a portfolio defined by you, we take care of the complete installation and commissioning, the training of your staff and the regular replenishment of the vending machine.

Which products are suitable?

C-parts that are used irregularly and are essential for ongoing production are well suited. These include personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles or respirators, and consumables such as tape, brushes or tools. Guaranteed individual removal means that consumption can be tracked and better predicted.

How will the identification and evaluation be carried out?

Personalised RFID chips ensure traceable removal of C-parts and allow access restrictions for specific products or product groups. Different authorisation levels can be stored on the cards. The order number and cost centre can also be entered on removal. This allows various analyses to be made according to different parameters. These analyses can in turn be used to identify further potential for cost and process optimisation.

Smart dispensing machine from AWI - 24-hour material removal

Simple material issuing in just a few steps

Step 1


Log in to the vending machine using your RFID chip.

Log in to the vending machine using your RFID chip.

Step 2


Select the desired C-item from the large display.

Select the desired C-item from the large display.

Step 3


Simply remove the item from the compartment.

Simply remove the item from the compartment.

Your benefits

  • Reduced purchasing workload through automated ordering processes
  • Shorter journey times and reduced material issue times
  • Independent material withdrawal through 24/7 availability
  • Reduced capital formation due to lower stock levels
  • Automatic replenishment through AWI
  • Traceability through RFID chips
  • Many evaluation options
  • Permanent stock control

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