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Product substitution

Despite their low significance in the production process, auxiliary and operating materials are in many cases complex purchasing items that require a high level of product expertise. In many cases, customers want to identify suitable substitute products (product substitution). It is not uncommon for the entire portfolio to be confusing. Individual items are difficult to identify and qualify.

Drawing product substitue - AWI finds the right replacement product

Identifying equivalent substitutes

For certain product groups, strict adherence to manufacturer and brand specifications is essential. For this reason, we do not limit ourselves to a finite range of products, but are prepared to add new products to meet our customers’ needs. In other cases, however, the product specification leaves more room for manoeuvre in the selection of items. In such cases, the search for suitable product alternatives is often desirable due to increased quality requirements on the part of the user or the need to reduce costs. We specialise in finding suitable substitutes that meet the quality and price requirements of our customers.

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AWI Eberlein GmbH is a service provider in the field of C-parts management. We specialise in the systematic procurement of auxiliary and operating materials and their delivery as part of customised supply concepts. We support medium to large industrial companies throughout Europe in optimising their procurement management. Delivery reliability, responsiveness and a solution-oriented approach are demonstrated on a daily basis in numerous projects.

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