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Product data maintenance

In order to maintain a long-term overview of the material flow in your company, it is essential to record and maintain data correctly. This includes not only basic information such as item number and name, but also other product attributes, product images or additional supplier data. However, maintaining up-to-date and structured product data is a relatively time-consuming process, which ties up internal resources and leaves less time for operational tasks.
In particular, the cleansing of existing data is a major challenge for many companies. As an experienced service provider, AWI actively supports you in managing your product data so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Drawing product data maintenance - maintenance and management of your product data by AWI

Outsourcing your product data management

We actively support you in identifying your C-parts, harmonising your C-item portfolio and, where appropriate, reducing your product costs through product substitution.

Step 1

Product identification

We identify your C-items using existing order lists from all purchasing managers in your organisation.

Step 2

Portfolio harmonisation

In consultation with those responsible in your company, we identify items that are listed more than once and clean up redundant C-item data in your system.

Step 3

Product substitution

If required, we can determine equivalent product substitutes for you based on your C-item portfolio in order to identify further savings potential.


Case example

Thanks to properly managed product data in our client’s C-parts portfolio, we were able to achieve demonstrable success in all three steps within a year:

  • Identification of the entire C-item data
  • Reduction of the C-parts portfolio by 80%
  • Standardised portfolio across all departments
  • Product cost savings of 11%
Product management savings potential chart - 11% product savings and reduction of the C-parts portfolio from 3,000 to 600 items

Product identification

Day-to-day business often leaves little time for extensive research, product information is missing and existing data has not been cleansed. The effort required to obtain and reconcile this information often seems disproportionate. We are experienced in the efficient identification and qualification of diverse product catalogues and help our customers in identifying all items from the existing data. We make use of our global network of partners in order to achieve fast and reliable results. During the initial consultancy phase, we create a sustainable structure that ensures the systematic procurement management of your C-items in the long term.

Product identification icon

Portfolio harmonisation

Once all items have been identified, the second step is to structure the C-parts portfolio and harmonise product data. This involves grouping together all products that are deemed to be substitutable and reducing your C-parts to a manageable catalogue range. At AWI, we prepare all the data and go through each item with the responsible contacts in your company to ensure that all the necessary auxiliary and operating materials are included in the C-parts portfolio in accordance with your requirements.

Icon portfolio harmonization

Product substitution

Once the catalogue range has been jointly defined and we have monitored and analysed your C-parts consumption over a period of time, we will be able to suggest suitable substitution products for your portfolio. Further product cost savings in the area of C-parts management can be achieved through more cost-effective product substitutions.

Product substitution icon

Outsourcing master data maintenance and management

Master data management is becoming increasingly important as a result of increasing digitalisation and networking. Databases have often grown historically and therefore contain gaps or, in the worst case, are incorrect. Regularly updating all information and at the same time creating new data in the correct form can be a very time-consuming endeavour. Responsible staff are often focused on operational tasks, responsibilities for maintaining cross-departmental data are not properly coordinated, or there is a lack of expertise. The result is duplicate records, inaccurate information and extra work for purchasing. At AWI, we guarantee our customers a high level of expertise in master data maintenance and can therefore provide you with competent support.

AWI Ordercenter

Preparing data is also important for our online marketplace, so that products are presented in the best possible way for the buying user.

Your benefits with AWI

  • Product substitution
  • Clear C-parts assortment without redundancy
  • Identification of product substitutes
  • Accurate and complete product data
  • Logistics and product consulting from a single source
  • One single point of contact

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We specialise in the efficient supply of C-parts to your production

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