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Product consulting

Which protection class is appropriate for my employees’ specific applications? What quality features are important for workwear? Do the products currently being purchased even comply with current regulations? – Even if it is “only” a matter of purchasing small items such as gloves, films or adhesive tapes, the requirements are often very complex. Particularly in the case of product groups that are subject to work safety regulations, special technical requirements or other legal bases, there is often an increased need for advice.

We are here to help you with the identification of the right products for your application, whatever the manufacturer. You can rely on our many years of experience and our knowledge of current legislation and regulations.

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Expert advice

Because of the huge importance of personal protective equipment to safety in the workplace, the need for consultancy has increased. For this reason, we have specialists in the field of health and safety at work, who collaborate with our customers’ safety experts in the definition and implementation of appropriate safety concepts.

PPE consulting

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Workwear is a particularly sensitive issue as it affects every single employee in the company. We have been offering a complete service in this area for many years, so that your staff can identify with their company and feel comfortable

Workwear service

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PPE consulting

Despite their minor importance in the production process, PPE items are often complex purchasing positions that require a high level of product knowledge. In order to provide our customers with the best possible conditions for the procurement of PPE and to be able to respond to individual requests, we endeavour to draw on a wide range of products. This enables us to find the perfect solution for each application. To help you keep track of our diverse portfolio, we employ experienced product consultants who, together with the responsible safety specialist, identify and implement the right concepts for your purposes.

Product quality and standard-compliant protective equipment

Particularly when it comes to personal protective equipment, quality plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your employees. It is essential that safety footwear, protective clothing, gloves and other work safety products meet the requirements of legal standards. This ensures that they are suitable for protecting employees during certain types of work.

Requirements for PPE

  • Adequacy of safety levels
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Practicality in the workplace
  • Acceptance by those required to use
  • Reasonable procurement costs

Safety plans

Protecting your employees also includes information on the specific protective measures to be taken at each workplace and the PPE products to be used. The glove plan, for example, clearly documents which gloves should be used for which activities.

Example of a glove plan from AWI Eberlein

Workwear service

The primary purpose of workwear is to keep your employees safe. However, it can also enhance your employees’ sense of belonging, thus increasing motivation and performance. High quality clothing is a sign that you as an employer have confidence in the competence of your employees. It is also a way of improving your company’s image. Workwear conveys competence and is recognisable when branded with your company logo. It can therefore have an additional promotional effect.

Icon Emblem-Service


We take care of the professional application of your company logo on workwear.

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We organise wear tests and fittings with all your employees at your premises.

Icon laundry service - Washing machine

When it comes to cleaning your workwear, we find the right solution.

When it comes to cleaning your workwear, we find the right solution.

Icon alteration tailoring - Scissors


Off-the-peg workwear does not fit all employees. We take care of customised alterations.

Icon On-site consulting


Our clothing specialists will be happy to advise you in person to help you find the perfect solution.

Icon custom-made


Together with our strong partner network, we develop tailor-made workwear for your company.

Your benefits with AWI

  • Qualified product data
  • Logistics and product advice from a single source
  • Expert advice
  • Identification of product substitutes
  • Concept development, e.g. PPE
  • Always up to date

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