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OCI/EDI service

Are you tired of tedious item data entry? Do repetitive manual processes cost you time and take you away from your core tasks?

Electronic data exchange using OCI uand EDI can simplify your purchasing process and save both time and money. With standardised interfaces to your ERP system and process automation through integrated business processes, not only can product information be transferred easily and efficiently, but entire ordering processes can be handled electronically and fully automatically.

Integration via Open Catalogue Interface (OCI)

Drawing Transmission of the shopping cart to the ERP system via OCI

Web shop with OCI interface

AWI offers a partially integrated web shop that allows your employees to easily and conveniently order from a pre-defined, customer-specific C-parts range. The item data from the shopping basket is transferred directly from the OCI shop via an OCI interface to your inventory management system for further processing. This eliminates the need for additional order entry in your own ERP system. All relevant product information is transferred directly to your ERP system and additional customer and product relevant information (e.g. product groups or cost centres) is automatically assigned. Error-free recording enables needs-based invoicing and precise analyses of purchasing statistics.

How does the OCI connection work?

Step 1

Definition of a catalogue range

You define the C-item portfolio you wish to purchase via our AWI Ordercenter. The item data is captured by us and, if required, prepared for your ERP system.

Step 2

Transmission of OCI access parameters

Personalised access to the AWI Ordercenter with your product portfolio is provided via an individual link with defined parameters:


* provided to you by AWI
** return address from your ERP system

Step 3

Flexible assignment of your field contents

To ensure that all data is correctly transferred to your ERP system, all OCI codes and therefore all standard field contents of our AWI Ordercenter can be individually assigned to your inventory management system by means of a table.

Benefits of an OCI interface

An OCI interface connects our AWI Ordercenter directly with your inventory management system. This greatly simplifies the purchasing process for your staff and offers a number of benefits:

  • Direct login via personalised web shop link
  • Convenient and intuitive purchasing
  • Individual item lists per user possible
  • Real-time pricing and availability
  • Automatic entry and posting to the ERP system
  • Avoidance of incorrect entries
  • Approval processes in the AWI Ordercenter possible
  • Actual order placed in own ERP system
  • Prevention of maverick buying
  • Everything from a single source

Connection via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Drawing Exchange of digital business documents via EDI

Electronic data interchange via EDI interface

With an EDI connection, we can transmit your business documents, such as orders, order confirmations, invoices or delivery notes, securely and digitally. An EDI interface ensures the seamless connection of our ERP system to your inventory management system for electronic document exchange in real time. The data can be processed directly in your ERP system and recurring business processes can be automated.

Benefits of an EDI interface

  • Automated data exchange of business documents
  • Eliminates duplicate manual entry
  • Time savings in data capture and transfer
  • Data accuracy and integrity
  • Fast flow of information
  • A prerequisite for fully digital workflows
  • Frees up staff capacity
  • Reduction of paper waste

AWI Ordercenter

Your customised web shop for your C-parts directly linked to your ERP system

Fully digitalised ordering process – combining OCI and EDI

Graphic combination of OCI and EDI

Combining the benefits of OCI and EDI

By combining OCI and EDI, your entire ordering process can be digitised and largely automated. Not only is the shopping basket and product data transferred to your own inventory management system, but all business documents are also transferred digitally between the ERP systems.

What is the difference between OCI and EDI?

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Digitalisation and automation with AWI


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