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Logistics service

You have a well-functioning intralogistics system that gets all your auxiliary and operating materials to the right place at the right time and charges them to cost centres? Perfect! If, however, you still see potential for optimisation in the area of logistics, we can help you develop a suitable logistics plan and take over individual sub-steps of your intralogistics, depending on your requirements. From forwarding deliveries to a central goods receiving point to individual stocking of vending machines, you can choose from a variety of different logistics services to suit your needs.

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Tailor-made logistics concept

We meet the diversity of these needs with a range of flexible, customisable delivery options. From traditional delivery to a central receiving point by a freight forwarder to delivery of individual parts to the production site by company vehicles, we offer our customers the full range of delivery methods. This enables us to create a tailor-made logistics plan for each customer.
In addition to the system delivery concepts mentioned below, there are often additional requirements. Especially when it comes to automating and simplifying ordering processes, we offer flexible solutions with our Kanban systems and smart vendor managed inventory machines. When designing a new logistics plan, we are happy to take your specific requirements into account to create a service package that is perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Overview of AWI logistics services

¹ Vending machine replenishment

AWI provides regular and timely replenishment for customers using smart vending machines. This form of replenishment is characterised by a high degree of transparency in terms of product consumption and a continuous flow of goods with machines that are always full.

² Kanban delivery

For our customers who use Kanban systems, goods are delivered directly to the designated Kanban shelves after the order has been digitally triggered. This delivery method creates a continuous flow of goods with shelves that are always full.

³ Workstation delivery

The delivery of units according to demand and the stocking of the corresponding shelves at the workstation: This is the highest level of service without digital support. AWI takes care of all the intralogistics for you.

⁴ Shelf stocking in the plant warehouse

Stocking the production shelves: This goes one step further than delivery to centralised plant warehouses, eliminating the need for unpacking and distribution.

⁵ AWI delivery to decentralised plant warehouses

Distribution of goods on the plant premises to various decentralised warehouses by AWI: This form of delivery enables a reduction in internal intralogistics costs and is characterised by high delivery reliability and flexibility.

⁶ AWI delivery by cost centre

Delivery of packaging units to a central goods receiving point by AWI in line with demand and addressed to cost centres: This type of delivery allows for simple internal allocation within the plant as well as a high degree of flexibility and reliability with regard to delivery dates.

⁷ Forwarding agent delivery by cost centre

Delivery of packaging units in line with demand, packed and addressed by cost centre: This delivery method is chosen to facilitate distribution within the plant. The entire delivery is made by a forwarding agent to a central goods receiving point.

⁸ Forwarding agent delivery on demand

Delivery of packaging units in line with demand by a forwarding agent to a central goods receiving point: This type of delivery avoids long-term storage of oversized packaging units.

⁹ Standard delivery

Delivery by a forwarding agent with pre-defined packaging units to a central goods receiving point: This is the most cost-effective delivery option and is always chosen when sufficient storage space is available and intralogistics are already satisfactorily managed.

Your benefits with AWI

  • Supply reliability
  • Transparent delivery process
  • Simple allocation by cost centre
  • One single point of contact for your C-parts
  • Flexible delivery modalities
  • Competent advice at all times

Further elements for optimising your logistics

Kanban service

Demand-orientated warehousing of your C-parts.

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System supply

All auxiliary and operating materials from a single source.

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AWI Eberlein GmbH is a service provider in the field of C-parts management. We specialise in the systematic procurement of auxiliary and operating materials and their delivery as part of customised supply concepts. We support medium to large industrial companies throughout Europe in optimising their procurement management. Delivery reliability, responsiveness and a solution-oriented approach are demonstrated on a daily basis in numerous projects.

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