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Kanban service

Do you often order your auxiliary and operating materials just before they are needed or far too late? Do your production processes come to a standstill because important auxiliary and operating materials have not been ordered or have to be located on the factory premises for a long time? Then a Kanban system may be just right for you.
Kanban systems ensure that your workstations are reordered and supplied with the appropriate C-parts in line with demand. Not only does this reduce bureaucracy, it also ensures that all Kanban-controlled items are always available.

C-parts management with Kanban systems

It is very common for large industrial customers to work with Kanban in order to ensure a continuous material flow of their C-parts and thus to keep their production running. Cost optimisation and security of supply are at the forefront. As a modern C-parts management provider, AWI takes care of the complete procurement organisation and logistical provision of your auxiliary and operating materials, including filling your Kanban shelves. We support you throughout the entire process, from the project concept to the introduction and standardisation of C-parts.

Types of Kanban systems

The classic Kanban system

Originally from Japan, this procurement strategy works on the “supermarket principle”. The consumer takes the item from the shelf and it is immediately replenished. In the classic Kanban method, a quantity of an item is stored in containers in a buffer store and can be removed from there. The containers are labelled with a card containing product and order data. If a critical stock level is reached, the order is triggered manually.

Drawing - Classic Kanban shelf

The e-Kanban system

e-Kanban works on the same principle as the classic model. e-Kanban works on the same principle as the classic model. To optimise and speed up the process, the digital order triggering is fully automated. Fluctuations in demand are detected early and continuous replenishment is automatically ensured. e-Kanban systems, such as RFID Kanban, support the continuous supply of materials without the need for manual ordering.

Drawing - e-Kanban, with digital connection to the supplier for fast delivery

Your benefits

  • Acceleration of material flow
  • Significant reduction in stock levels
  • Minimisation of transport costs
  • High security of supply
  • Optimisation of process costs
  • Improved process quality

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AWI Eberlein GmbH is a service provider in the field of C-parts management. We specialise in the systematic procurement of auxiliary and operating materials and their delivery as part of customised supply concepts. We support medium to large industrial companies throughout Europe in optimising their procurement management. Delivery reliability, responsiveness and a solution-oriented approach are demonstrated on a daily basis in numerous projects.

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