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Are manual data synchronisation, redundant work processes and a high level of coordination keeping you from your core purchasing tasks? The solution is to digitise these processes using e-procurement systems. Digital data transfer and real-time processing shorten and automate your workflows. This not only saves you time, but also money.

As an e-procurement provider, we at AWI can help you digitise your procurement process and efficiently exploit the resulting optimisation potential, even beyond the implementation phase.

e-Procurement solutions compared

e-Procurement solutions compared

Traditional e-procurement solutions

e-Procurement solutions are usually categorised according to the operator of the system. Customer systems , or procurement systems (buy-side systems), are fully integrated solutions designed specifically for the buyer and tailored to their enterprise resource planning system. On the other hand, supplier systems (sell-side systems) are operated by the seller. Here, the supplier specifies the system and therefore the requirements for the customer. A third option is offered by various procurement platforms (marketplace-side). This is similar to an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and conduct their procurement electronically. An external provider provides a platform with standardised interfaces that can be used by both parties for a fee.

Customised e-procurement solution

AWI offers you an e-procurement solution that combines all the benefits of traditional systems and puts the customer first. Our AWI Ordercenter acts as a personalised marketplace, offering only the items we have specified together with you. You can select products from our existing portfolio and add any other products from your preferred manufacturers. We take care of everything else. In addition, you can define individual product ranges for each department or cost centre, and access to these can be restricted to certain groups of people. It is also possible to set fixed budgets per user, per order and/or per year. Orders that exceed the budget are then escalated for approval. With the AWI Ordercenter we also offer permanent monitoring and control options.
Digital interfaces such as OCI and EDI are also used for direct exchange with your enterprise resource planning system, so that this system can also be seen as a partially integrated e-procurement solution.

Your benefits with AWI

  • High level of customisation
  • Tailored product portfolio
  • Direct link to your ERP system
  • Fully digitised procurement process
  • Low customer effort
  • No implementation or running costs
  • Intuitive ordering process
  • Monitoring and controlling options

AWI Ordercenter

Our order centre allows you to make convenient, departmental purchases within your defined C-parts range with an approval process.

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What is e-procurement?

In our Info Centre you will find more information about e-procurement. This includes definitions of terms and the advantages and disadvantages of different e-procurement solutions.

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