The Eberlein Group goes back to its origins as a brush manufacturing company in 1900. It now unites three companies and is owned and managed by members of the Eberlein family in its fourth generation.

Family and family cohesion are the cornerstones of our company and our business activities. This paradigm also includes the appreciation of the families of our employees as well as a respectful and responsible approach towards the subject of family in our society in addition to the management of the family-run company.

The naturalness of thinking ahead for future generations lies at the heart of our understanding of sustainable business.

The commitment, experiences and skills of our employees are the foundation of our company success. We appreciate the diverse skills of our colleagues and are constantly striving to create the basis for the individual further development of our employees to meet demands.

We also rely on the experiences of our long-term employees and the innovative impulses of our new young colleagues. Longstanding service with the company over many stages of a person’s life as well as a wide range of development opportunities while working at the company are therefore declared aims of the management.

We place special value on the quality of the training in our company and are committed to retaining trainees within the company after they complete their training. We pursue the principle of job rotation during the training period to give them an insight into all business processes and to offer them the opportunity to identify their own skills.

Low turnover of staff means that we retain the valuable experience and knowledge of our colleagues in the long term. However, it is also a challenge to further educate our developing colleagues to meet demands. There is also a requirement for working concepts that flexibly adapt to personal changes and new phases in a person’s life. We are pleased to take on this challenge to enable our employees, for example, to achieve a balance between their job and family, reduce their working hours on the grounds of age and to develop their career.

The health and safety of employees are taken very seriously in the Eberlein Group. It is therefore the declared aim of the management to provide a safe and ergonomic workplace for every employee and to sustain a health-promoting company culture that is based on an open error and feedback culture.

The responsible use of our natural resources is the logical consequence of our family-orientated guiding principle with the aim of creating good conditions for future generation.

Environmentally friendly practices in the Eberlein Group concern every single employee and begin in everyday working life. For example, we are actively committed to waste separation, the responsible use of electrical and thermal energy, avoiding unnecessary transport routes and multiple packaging as well as the recycling of office material, operating equipment and packaging material.

The aim of environmentally sustainable order processing was achieved in 2016 with the successful completion of the “Paperless office” project. The amount of paper, toner and printing waste has been significantly reduced since this time because of the purely electronically managed processing of orders.

When it comes to products that we produce, we want to set a good example in terms of renewable raw materials. We therefore use FSC®-certified wood for the majority of our products for the production of our brushes that is obtained in compliance with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® for responsible forestry management.

The subject of renewable energies has preoccupied us for a long time. In 2009 F. Wilhelm Eberlein installed an environmentally friendly wood-chip heating system to generate the company’s own heat requirements. Since 2006 the Eberlein Group has been producing electricity through its own photovoltaic system that is fed into the general power supply network. We are proud that our requirement has been below the rate that we have produced ourselves for the past six years.

The quality of our services stems from the complex interaction of the individual business processes. This complexity must be reviewed and coordinated. We have decided to constantly put our quality standards to the test and are therefore certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standard. We demonstrate in regular audits that we work successfully according to the requirements of this standard and fulfil and exceed the guidelines.

But excellence cannot be defined by standards and tested on the basis of standards. We strive daily to actively and consciously integrate quality management into the everyday working environment and make it truly tangible. The responsibility for the quality of our services rests not with the quality management officer, but in the hands of each and every individual employee. The management continuously strives to maintain an open and solutions-orientated improvement and feedback culture, an everyday suggestions scheme and the sustainable integration of quality management into every individual department in order to ensure individual responsibility when dealing with quality.

The history of our company group shows that growth in our company is seen as a continuous and organic process. The health of our company family has always been the focus of business activities in the Eberlein Group and not the welfare of individual shareholders.

A low debt ratio allows the group to operate as an independent and economically healthy entity and enables it to act purposefully from a position of strength. The consistent reinvestment of the accumulated capital into personnel development, strategy and infrastructure makes us strong for the challenges of the future.

We have been firmly rooted at our location in Langfurth in Middle Franconia since our company’s very beginning. We appreciate the commitment, simplicity, directness, personal proximity and of course the unspoilt landscape of our homeland.

On the other hand, structurally weaker regions have to struggle with migration to urban areas that leads to a further reduction in the infrastructure. The development in combination with the demographic change also represent major personnel and structure challenges for the Eberlein Group that will need to be tackled in the near future. We are closely monitoring this trend and are keen to contribute towards maintaining our regional infrastructure and therefore the attractiveness of our location.

We therefore regard it as our duty to promote youth in particular in this respect. For one thing, we want to make a contribution towards this in our role as a regional training organisation. We are also, for example, a sponsor of the youth football association JFG Sulzachtal that offers young people a platform to train with football teams across different locations.

In addition to promoting youth, we also endeavour to preserve our Franconian homeland as an attractive business location. To this end,the group is campaigning intensively for a fast Internet connection at the location. F. Wilhelm Eberlein demonstrates a further commitment towards retaining the economic effectiveness in the region in the name of the company group, for example, and also as an active founding member of the property protection association ESG Brunnen Haslach/Matzmannsdorf e.V.