Paper and plastics processing

Papier- und Kunststoffverarbeitung

Numerous companies with a focus on the processing of paper and plastics have been customers of ours since the founding of AWI Eberlein GmbH in 1972. We demonstrate our know-how particularly but not exclusively in the area of personal protective equipment on a daily basis so that our customers can fully concentrate on their value-adding processes.

Chemical protection

There are often strict requirements in the area of chemical protection in these sectors of industry due to the use of various chemical substances and oils. Particular care is needed here when choosing the appropriate protective equipment. Laboratory tests are frequently needed to find suitable protective gloves.

Cut protection

The requirements are also just as strict in the area of cut protection as razor-sharp blades and scrapers are used in many application areas that necessitate the use of class 5 protective gloves or even higher. Since the processes often require dexterity, a special focus is placed on harmonising sensitivity and safety. These requirements are often so specific and extensive in the area of hand protection alone, so we develop an individual glove plan for our customers in these cases.

Hearing protection

The use of large production plants also creates high noise levels for the employees. Hearing protection is therefore an important issue related to preserving the health of employees. There are well over 100 different solutions from various well-known manufacturers in the area of ear plugs and capsule hearing protection alone. Special noise protection solutions, such as customised ear plugs or radios built in to capsule ear protection, are available in addition to simple ear plugs. We help our customers to maintain an overview and find the optimum solution for their application.

Personal protective equipment

In addition to chemical, hand and hearing protection, we of course also offer sound and competent advice in all other areas of personal protective equipment, such as head protection, foot protection, fall protection, protective clothing etc. and develop the right solutions together with our customers’ safety officers.


As a long-term partner, we also support our customers in the entire consumables sector as well as with personal protective equipment. There are no limits to the portfolio and product requirements here. From sand paper and brush tools to wipes and toilet paper, we are able to supply everything from a single source. We are aware of how important the individual and demand-led supply is when delivering to industry. We therefore focus on providing a professional and individual logistics service in addition to competent and reliable advice.