Automotive industry


With the ever-evolving requirements on the vehicles, the requirements of the automotive industry are growing in the same way as the auxiliary and operating materials. New technologies and designs are often created which make it necessary to adapt the work environment as well as the auxiliary materials to the new conditions. AWI Eberlein has made a name for itself in this context. In addition to providing a proper supply, we focus on the advancement of technology and, together with the engineers, develop solutions which are optimally adapted to your requirements.

Special area painting tool

The focus of the development work is on supplying innovative products to the colleagues from the specialist areas of painting and waterproofing. In doing so, we take an individual approach to the processes on site and, together with the end users, determine products which ensure the increased requirements with regard to paint and sealant application. Core products include special brushes, trowels and color rollers. Due to the proximity to our sister company, Friedrich Eberlein GmbH (Pinselfabrik), we are ideally suited to the production process. The close cooperation with our manufacturing partners allows us to continually expand our product portfolio by means of lacquering tools to include new products and developments. For example, we have placed numerous product innovations in the sense of efficiency, quality, work safety and the reduction of production costs.

C parts for vehicle maintenance

In addition to the classic manufacturers of automobiles, we have also been able to develop further in the direction of automotive leasing. Here, we are concerned with the systematic supply of consumables for vehicle reprocessing. The service provided by AWI Eberlein GmbH is not limited to the supply of the German rental stations, but has now been able to build up a Europe-wide customer network. The challenge is to provide a uniform standard assortment for the individual locations and to meet the national boundaries within the defined delivery periods.